Wednesday, April 2, 2008

...I'm not going to take it anymore!

Those are the prophetic words shouted by the main character (Peter Lynch) in the 1976 movie classic "Network".
The movie satires a generation of people who have become lethargic, complacent and whose minds have become softened by the seduction of television. That is until the main character, a news anchorman, decides to break out of this complacent mold and stand up for change.
Well, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

I'm mad as hell that...
My friend had to go bankrupt to get a lifesaving operation.
We spend billions on the war in Iraq enriching corporations at the expense of our own blood.
We don't pay our teachers what they deserve.
We spend more money on prisons than on schools.
The richest 300.000 people in America today have more money than the rest of us combined.

OK that's good for starters. You can see that much of what I'm mad about are things that I feel I have no control over. Well, I'm tired of having no control, I'm tired of just being one of those TV mind softened sheep just watching the injustices of our society go unchecked. I'm tired of the Neocons and powerful corporations trying to control us with fear and "stimulus payments" from the IRS. I'm tired of being a "consumer".
I'm a person, I have feelings, and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm going to exercise my first amendment rights, and broadcast my perception of the deep injustice this once proud nation now inflicts on it's own peoples.
I think that's good for an opener.


Anonymous said...

"I"M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!" is the battle cry of the Democratic Party. Let's show the RNC what community organizers can really do!

We need to channel our anger between now and the election in a way that will rally Democrats and refute the Republican party's insistence that prosperity is everywhere and we are simply "whiners" to want healthcare, U.S. jobs, clean energy, relief from high gas prices, and more...

The time has come for us to channel that anger and call attention to our dissatisfaction in a BIG way, a way that makes our voices heard on every street throughout the United States.

Just like in the movie, Network, we need to shout from our windows on September 11th : "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. I want real change. I want Obama!"

Do it at 7 pm CST on September 11th....and EVERY THURSDAY THEREAFTER UNTIL THE ELECTION.

And spend the next month getting people signed up to vote for Obama. On the election day, drive them to the polls.

Let's MAKE change happen, people!

Rosanne, Democrat in Tennessee

Sara Gutierrez said...

I'm mad as hell, too, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!! I'm only 19 and have really just started to inform myself of the injustices served to us on a platter, and I'm disgusted.

I'm mad as hell that:

There are only two political candidates left by the time the people get to vote.

Despite receiving the majority of popular vote, a candidate can still lose.

Candidates clearly lie through their teeth saying that the Corporations should end up paying for this fiasco though they clearly voted for the Stimulus Plan.

That people saying they are going to put America and its people above all else vote no on bills that close corporate tax loopholes time and again.

A veteran of a war would vote YES on practically every appropriation towards the Iraq war and voting NO on most bills granting appropriations to Veterans.

Money and Power are above all else, including its people.

I may not know much yet about politics, but I am informed enough to know it's basis isn't the constitution. If anyone else who really is mad about this and wants to at least try to do something, though I'm really not sure what that is yet, contact me at

I'm Mas as Hell said...

Stop the Great Bailout!

Given the now likely passage of the Great Bailout, I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

If you're mad as hell too and want to stop the passage of the Great Bailout, please visit to sign a petition, right now!

Then spread the word about to as many people as you can, right away!

This is our last chance to speak up.

Anonymous said...

We are truly living in troubled times. The greed and excesses evident not only on Wall Street but also in the Escalades, mini mansions on one acre subdivisions, I gotta have it now electronics,to name just a few is really a more truthful view of what we have fallen into. The 90's were rampant with real estate, stock and mutual fund trades being made for the quickest buck. Investment "instruments" were created so fast and furiously that hardly anyone cared in government since it seems they all had something to gain by them. Starbucks on every block at $4.00 per cup a day, some spent about $100 per month on their daily fix. It all seemed so "normal" at the time. The pendulum is now swinging the other way for a correction--a painful correction. There are so few things beyond our control that the best we can do for ourselves is to really live simply so that others can simply live. Gather ones talents and tools and help yourself and help your neighbor on a day to day basis. I am mad as hell as well, but I have had to live within my means. I drove one car for 16 years-still have it-- and my house is paid off (however much is needed.)I have a small garden, apple trees, and raise a few sheep. With a college degree in the arts/ed. I have struggled to find work in my field and was a self employed photographer for many years earning only a modest living (we're talking poverty wages here.) Vote this year, but don't fall for their promises.They are printing money, but it isn't worth anything. This Bail out is the biggest financial scam in History. Write to the networks, and your State reps. The media really is manipulating and slanted. Let them know we can see through their bias. More later...

Anonymous said...

Do any of you that are posting your partisan political vitriol here think thinks will be better if the left runs this shootin' match? If you all truly want to make a difference, get your "brooms", go to Washington, and sweep the capitol clean of all the scum and garbage there! Watch out though, you may need scrapers to get most of the caked-up scum out of there. I agree with the original author about his points made who started this discussion. But, the way is not to elect a democrat or a republican. WHY do we who are the real power settle for a rotten 2 party system where we are basically "forced" to vote for one so the other doesn't get elected? Instead of whining and bitching, get off your duffs and contact your representatives and be relentless about it. I am--I practice what I "preach". God help America if the blind follow the blind and make the wrong choice. I believe this is our republic's last chance of survival.

BionicBeverly said...

Sad and pathetic to see all these marxist/communist themes being promoted when one sees that the communist PIG elected in 2008 wastes resources flying around the country promoting communist themes that have never once succeeded in history. It is none of your business if people choose to buy a 4 dollar cup of coffee with THEIR money. The colonies used to distribute all the money earned equally and what that produced is lazy people who wanted to earn without working. I am very broke, unemployed and about to be homeless BUT I will never believe someone elses money belongs to me.

Anonymous said...

IMAH (and I'm not going to take it anymore)! We can't fix our country without fixing what the people in Washington D.C. do. Only Congress can fix the laws-with-loopholes that benefit the corporations, rich, powerful, corrupt, etc. NO electee can fix Washington when the place is a cesspool. To clean a scummy pond, YOU DRAIN IT FIRST. Fire everyone in W.D.C. ("We Don't Care"?), and START FRESH. Use the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they were intended to be used: FOR the people, OF the people, BY the people (I may have got the order wrong, but not the intention)! Sending one honest politician to W.D.C. and expecting a fix is like putting one drop of clean water in a glassful of mud; you aren't going to want to drink it.

P.S. Learn farming. If our civilization collapses, you'll have vital knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I.M.A.H.A.I.N.G.T.T.I.A: To clean a scummy pond, DRAIN IT FIRST. One honest politician (if there is such a thing) can't fight the whole fouled up system. We have to FIRE EVERYBODY, and start fresh. We have the Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Our present government is not doing the OF/BY/FOR the people that America is based upon. They have to get out. All at once. We'll start fresh. It'll take a little while to come up to speed, but the new batch will be afraid of the people, instead of the other way around. They'll work for us. They'll change the laws-with-loopholes that benefit the rich and powerful to the detriment of the people, or they'll GET OUT! I don't know whether it will help to vote Libertarian (I have for years, and look at the results), but the Dems and Reps are the ones responsible for this situation, so they are not your friends. Maybe we should only vote for people who don't want the job. Maybe we should hire, and not elect, so it will be possible to fire instantly, you know, the way it is for you at your job if you lie, steal, cheat, misrepresent. How about the Scared Politicians party?

P.S. Learn farming. That way, if our civilization collapses, you'll have a VITAL skill.